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We accept donations of all kinds:  volunteer time, services, supplies, monetary donations, trusts, bequests, real property.  All are tax deductible and you receive a confirmation letter regarding your donation and its value.


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2016 WNCR Strategic Plan


The 2016 WNCR Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board of Directors at its February 20 Board Meeting.  The plan was crafted by the Strategic Plan Committee very ably facilitated by Linda Hudson.  Thank you, Linda, and committee members Char Hudson, Jane Slaughter, Katherine Jackson, Sheri Livingston, Richard Holder and Ruth Andrews.


As a New Mexico Equine Rescue, Walkin N Circles is licensed, regulated and inspected annually by the New Mexico State Livestock Board.  Since 2002, WNCR has remained steadfast in its dedication to rescuing, providing proper care, and the full rehabilitation of "unwanted" horses that are abandoned, abused, unmanageable, or in some cases, destined for the slaughterhouse.  Due to our committed care, WNCR has actually created miraculous transformations for some of these magnificent animals.  It is our goal to provide all rescued equines with new beginnings and new productive lives with loving adoptive families.




At present, there is a rising concern in the United States to ensure “unwanted” and/or abused horses are provided not just adequate, but proper housing and care. “Unwanted” horses may be of any and/or all breeds, old, injured, sick, neglected, abused, unmanageable, or just no longer wanted by their owners. Many simply did not meet the owner’s expectations or needs. Whatever the reason, there are tens of thousands of horses that are unwanted, neglected, abused and abandoned in the U.S. every year.


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Wells Fargo Branch - account Walkin N Circles Ranch, Inc.


Combined Federal Campaign (Walkin N Circles Ranch, code 20189) Federal civilian, postal & military donors.

Total WNCR

owned horses - 75

Current Horses

at Ranch - 60

Current Fosters - 17

Current Rescues - 64

Current Boarders - 2

WNCR and Smith’s Have Partnered!

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