Just by following the few steps below every time you shop at Smith’s and use your Rewards Card you will automatically be contributing to WNCR!


First you need a Rewards Card! If you don’t have one yet they are available at the customer service desk at any Smith’s.


Visit www.smithscommunityrewards.com to sign-in or register and link your card to the Community Rewards program.


After signing in or registering go to “My Account” and scroll down to “Community Rewards” where you will be prompted to enter an organization’s number. WNCR’s number is 62686.


Please verify Walkin N Circles Ranch, Inc. appears in the “Organization Name” field before signing out.


If you normally give your phone number at check out just call (800) 576-4377 & select option 4 to get your Smith’s Rewards Card number and then follow the steps above.


After registering for the Community Rewards program you may swipe your card or give your phone number at check out for each purchase to count. It’s just that easy!


Thank you for supporting WNCR through the Smith’s Community Rewards Program!

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