WNCR is a non-profit 501C-3 corporation that operates a horse rescue facility that is certified by the New Mexico Livestock Board.  Although we occasionally take horses surrendered by individuals, the majority of the horses that come to WNCR have been seized by the Livestock Board due to abuse, neglect or abandonment.  Therefore, most of the horses that come to us have issues of some type and we have very little background on them.  When a horse comes to WNCR our first objective is to address their general health and nutritional needs, then evaluate them and rehabilitate them through hands on training and handling.  Our ultimate goal is to find suitable adopters and place these horses in a safe, comfortable environment where they will receive the care and attention they deserve.


With that goal in mind, the purpose of the WNCR adoption process is to match the prospective adopter/owner with a horse that will be safe to ride and handle and can provide years of enjoyment to the new family.  Therefore we spend a great deal of time working with the horse and potential new owner to insure that we are making the correct match.


Please remember that the majority of our horses have come to us with health and behavioral issues.  We do not claim to have horses that are “bomb proof” or “safe” for beginners or children.  It is up to the potential owner to assess their own needs and abilities as well as the abilities of the new horse.  We will work with you extensively to make that assessment.




The process begins with a visit to the ranch and completion of an Application for Adoption.  You will be asked to sign a Waiver of Liability form before you tour the ranch which will be kept on file for future visits.  The Application for Adoption gives us the information we need to help you find the right horse.  It does not identify a specific horse or give you any rights to a specific horse.


Note:  For safety reasons, WNCR discourages children under the age of 8 from touring the ranch.  If it is necessary for you to bring young children, you must keep them under control at all times and they will not be allowed in the horse paddocks.




Early in the process you will be asked to attend an orientation, either in a scheduled Orientation Class or, in some cases, individually with an experienced Ranch Hand.  The purpose of the orientation is to acquaint you with the ranch and the safety procedures that must be followed while on the premises.   Until you complete the Orientation, you must be accompanied by an experienced Ranch Hand any time you are on the premises.


We want your first visit to WNCR to be both enjoyable and educational.  We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule but we strongly recommend that you call and make an appointment prior to arriving at the ranch.


After completing the Orientation, you will be able to work with our trainer or other experienced Ranch Hands to identify specific horses that match your abilities and riding needs.  During this period, you will be able to work with the horse on the ground and, once we are comfortable with your abilities, work with the horse under saddle.  Please be aware that it may take multiple visits to the ranch before you actually ride the prospective horse.




When you have identified a specific horse, we will encourage you to “sponsor” that horse.  There are several sponsorship programs available but this will focus on the Pre-Adoption Sponsorship.  The Pre-Adoption Sponsorship gives you exclusive rights to the horse for 60 days. During that period you will be encouraged to work with the horse as often as you can.  Our trainer will be available to assist you on a general basis or you may schedule individual lessons with her.  A nominal fee is charged by the trainer for private lessons but this is often an excellent way to identify and overcome specific problems.  If you do not have your own tack, you will have access to the ranch equipment.  We have a limited amount of both western and English tack available.


The Pre - Adoption Sponsorship costs $150 per month.  The first month’s fee will be charged when you sign the agreement and is non-refundable.   The second month’s fee will be due in 30 days.  If you complete the adoption after the 60 days, the second month’s fee will be applied to the adoption fee.


The Pre - Adoption Sponsorship is the best way for you to evaluate your potential new horse.  If you determine that this is not the right horse for you, it is a relatively inexpensive way to avoid a more costly mistake in the long run.  The Pre-Adoption Sponsorship is not a firm requirement for the adoption of a horse.  If it is apparent that your ability level is the right match for the horse, then you may move directly to the adoption.  But if you or the WNCR management is not certain that it is a clear match, we strongly recommend the Pre Adoption Sponsorship.




The various sponsorship programs offered by WNCR give the Sponsor a first right of refusal to adopt the horse that they have been supporting financially.   When you have identified a horse that is sponsored and WNCR is confident that the process will be completed, we will notify the Sponsor of the potential adoption.  At that time, the Sponsor will notify us in writing if they intend to exercise their first right of refusal.   This usually happens within a few days but may take up to two weeks.  We generally will not enter into a Pre-Adoption Sponsorship until the Sponsor has notified us that they are not exercising their right.  Any agreement entered into prior to receiving the notification from the Sponsor would be subject to that first right of refusal.






If you will be taking the horse to a new home, WNCR will inspect your facility prior to the horse leaving the ranch.  We look at shelter, fencing, run areas, access to water and feed and hay storage.  We do not have specific requirements but we want to send our horses to a safe and secure environment without the threat of injury to the horse.  We also want them to have adequate exercise space that is not subject to overcrowding.  We will also look at the conditions of any other animals on the premises.  And finally, we will ask that you identify a veterinarian and a farrier.


Barbed Wire: We strongly recommend that your new horse be contained behind secure fencing other than barbed wire.




When you have made the final selection of a horse, you will complete the Adoption Agreement and Covenant.  This is the contract between you and WNCR that is in effect for the first 12 months of your adoption.  The first 12 months is considered a probationary period.  During that year, you have custody and possession of the horse but equitable ownership remains with WNCR.   During this probationary period, WNCR may unilaterally cancel the contract if, in their sole determination, you breech any of the general terms of the agreement.  At the end of the probationary period, equitable ownership is transferred to you.




The adoption fees are established by WNCR management; vary from horse to horse; and are to be paid at the time you sign the Adoption Agreement and Covenant.   The fees are a necessary part of our operation and the primary goal is to recover as much of the intake costs as possible.  The Adoption Fees are considered a non-refundable donation to the ranch and are retained by the ranch if we ultimately need to take the horse back.  This is another reason to be certain about your horse before you adopt.


There may be other fees involved such as transportation ($50 within a 50 mile radius of the ranch) and transitional feed when the horse leaves the ranch.  We will advise you of any fees prior to adoption.


Thank you for your interest in the horses at WNCR.  We hope this gives you a good summary of the process and we look forward to working with you on finding a great horse to match your needs.  Please go to our web site for additional information on the ranch and our horses.  You can call our office at (505) 286-0779 to schedule an appointment.  We’ll see you at WNCR!





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