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WNCR opens its doors to the abused/neglected horse


Suffer no more.

We are here to provide for horses, not they to provide for us…refuge awaits behind our safe gates…


In general, horses should have good flesh on them. Ribs and hips should not be apparent. The horse should move freely and naturally, without severe neglect to the hooves. A horse should have shelter from inclement weather, access to fresh water and food, and should not be kept in a small pen for long periods of time. Exercise for a horse is important for the overall mental and physical health.


Neglect and ignorance are the most common causes of damage to horses. Unfortunately, individuals do not have to pass a comprehensive examination before purchasing an equine. Many learn as they go, some do not care to learn at all. Even though providing the absolute minimum care is legal, it is not healthy for the equine. Sometimes, those horses end up at WNCR, where we can rehabilitate and provide a safe, comfortable environment for the horse as well as give the horse a second chance at life.

INVITE Your Friends, Family & Business Associates to Tour the Ranch

If you have friends or family who would like to see all of our wonderful horses and the improvements made, invite them to make an appointment to visit the ranch.

Tours are available by appointment at 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Saturday.

WNCR Teams


Dona Chavez, Team Leader


Roger Shinnick, Team Leader


Rudy Sporing, Team Leader


Mary Ann Shinnick, Team Leader


Charlyn Hudson, Team Leader

Volunteer Coordinator





Jim and Marilyn Stundon, Team Leaders and

Store Manager


Jane Slaughter, Team Leader


Charlynn Hudson, Team Leader

Are You interested in being a Volunteer at WNCR?

If you are interested in getting more involved in the workings of the ranch, you might think about becoming one of our Volunteers, for more information please contact us.

Privacy Policy

WNCR.com does not collect information from its visitors without their knowledge. No details of your personal contact information will be given, rented, leased, or sold to third parties, EVER.



WNCR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


Our Federal Tax ID is 04-3619624

Donations are gratefully accepted. All donations are tax deductible and your generosity will have an immediate and positive impact the lives of our horses.

Want to give in other ways?

We accept donations of all kinds:  volunteer time, services, supplies, monetary donations, trusts, bequests, real property.  All are tax deductible and you receive a confirmation letter regarding your donation and its value.



You can leave a legacy.


Because of generous, forward thinking friends like you, your personal legacy will help save the lives of all horses and animals at our rescue.  Your gift will sustain us to make transformational change for years to come.  Leave a legacy of compassion.


There are many ways to help.  Gifts may be made through your will or outside your will.  You may donate through provisions in your will or make an estate gift by donating a designated amount, a real asset or a residuary bequest.


Help further our mission even faster by making a gift that avoids probate.  You can eliminate paying capital gains tax and receive an income tax charitable deduction for gifts of real property and long-term appreciated securities.  Name Walkin N Circles Ranch, Inc. as the beneficiary on insurance policies, real estate, and retirement plans.


Leaving a lasting gift provides you many opportunities to tailor a gift that meets your specific request.  There are many options to consider and we encourage you to talk with your financial advisor as you consider options.


It would be our pleasure to give you a personal tour of our rescue where you can see first- hand the transformations that have been taking place for over 12 years.


If you are interested in talking with us about your lasting gift, please contact the office, at 505-286-1779.


Let your love for animals become your legacy.

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